Maslow’s Pyramid

Interpretation of Maslow’s Pyramid

According to Abraham Maslow and also his view of human motivation, human beings require that have to be completely satisfied, but he additionally specifies that as the self pleases standard demands, other needs and greater needs appear.
Therefore, the self complies with a behavioural dynamic, which suggests that as the self-adjustments requires, the self’s behaviour adjustments.
In terms of these needs, Maslow partitions them into deficiency needs (physiological, safety, association, recognition) and also self-development demands (self-fulfilment).
Deficit demands are those that the human being has to please before being able to accomplish self-fulfilment.
Simply put, the being needs to first please his physiological demands, then satisfy his protection needs, and so forth until he gets to the total advancement of the being, which is stood for on top of the pyramid.

Maslow’s Pyramid in Psychology

During the 20th century, 2 philosophical currents studied human behaviour, the reductionist ideological current of behaviourism and the research study of Freudian psychoanalysis.
Both studies, with differences in their proposes, take into consideration the influences of the environment as well as experience as factors that establish human practices…
Nevertheless, throughout that time, a new standard would theoretically and practically be positioned in between both, humanistic psychology.

This stream of psychology, needed for the research of human practices, does not leave the being’s practices to the impact of the environment.

On the other hand, it dictates that the being is distinct and also unrepeatable, that his/her behaviours are deliberate and also sustained by an innate attribute of the being to seek self-realisation.

In this sense, in 1943, a humanist psycho therapist called Abraham Maslow, that is known as the creator and also the main backer of humanistic psychology, broke the ice for this branch via his publication A Theory of Human Motivation, and also later on, in his book Motivation and also Individuality (1954 ).

Maslow states that, in order to attain harmony and also happiness, a being should please demands that are fundamental to his nature.

These needs adhere to a hierarchical order, from fundamental requirements to the need for self-fulfilment, which, according to his theory, is the objective of being.

Today, Maslow’s technique is better known as Maslow’s Pyramid or Maslow’s Range of Needs as well as is widely made used in medical psychology.

The theory is likewise adjusted in various other fields such as organization monitoring, advertising and organisational culture.

Parts of Maslow’s Pyramid.

Physiological needs.

Physical demands are the base of the pyramid and refer to the basic survival conditions of being such as breathing, food, remainder, sex and homeostasis.

Security Needs.

This scale describes the sensation of stability and also defence of the being, to having the safety and security of a secure economic climate, work, wellness and also close family ties..
Requirements for love, affection and belongingness.

This degree refers to the being’s desire to create effective partnerships of relationships or collaboration.
Considering that people are social types, they are always trying to find belonging, whether it be to a club, a thematic group or in neighbourhoods where there is a feeling of the definition of daily life…

Social needs.

When the human being meets the previous wishes, the requirement to really feel valued and also acknowledged by the society or community to which he or she belongs arises.
Nonetheless, Maslow mentions two various types of esteem, one called the reduced demand, which is a lot more related to vanity, the recognition of others, fame, condition, and track record.

The greater requirement is related to personal development, self-esteem, dignity, independence and freedom.

Recognition Needs.

The top of the pyramid, which in turn is the peak of self-development according to the leading exponent of humanistic psychology, is understood as the realisation of an individual’s higher function in professional, ethical and/or spiritual balls.

Nonetheless, it is intricate to evaluate the self-realisation of the self from a solitary conception, due to the fact that there is no organized approach or collection of steps to achieve it and also it is special for every being.


Maslow’s theory intends to comprehend the practices of people and also how they can achieve harmony and also happiness through their very own actions.
Considering that the being is unique and unrepeatable, the author worships that an individual should go after a higher objective; the objective that must be met in order to find the meaning of life.
According to Maslow, the self needs to carry out in life what it is “meant to be” and also he shared that “a musician has to produce songs, a musician must repaint jobs, and also a poet must write if he is to be ultimately happy”.
But it is not simply the approximate job of a job. On the other hand, the course to self-realisation needs to respond to the being’s need to expand personally to the highest level and thus to be completely satisfied.

Practical instances

Maslow’s range is put on various areas such as clinical psychology, education and learning, service, and advertising, to name a few.
When it comes to medical psychology, if the therapist adheres to the humanistic approach, he or she examines the requirements of the client.

Thus, the therapist recognizes the accurate needs to be fulfilled and guides the individual in settling his/her disputes so that he or she can relocate in the direction of individual development.

One more case is found in advertising and marketing campaigns. In this area, marketing methods are based upon determining concealed needs in an offered populace, and after that using this info to encourage the population to purchase the product and/or service, collaborating with a benchmarking strategy to improve the product they use.

An instance of a firm that uses this method with wonderful results is Apple.
From their motto: Believe Various, they have developed an entire neighbourhood where customers feel related to as well as belonging to a team.

Similarly, the iPhone is an example of exactly how profitable a project can be when needs are identified.
In this instance, the need for the association as well as the demand for recognition apply, the previous via belonging to a group and also the latter via the noticeable condition offered by the purchase of the iPhone.

On the other hand, researches confirm the effective relationship between happiness and productivity at the office, which is why many companies today not only compensate their staff members monetarily but likewise look to develop a workplace that fulfils the needs of their employees.
Therefore, there are social programs, associations, events, competitions, assimilations as well as advantages that firms promote to please the requirements for safety and security, job security and also affective social partnerships.

Is Maslow’s theory totally valid?

Lastly, Maslow’s concept stays valid despite valid inquiries that refute its legitimacy. Maslow’s pyramid is not without certain concerns that revoke it as a universal proposal.

For example, how can Maslow’s technique be applied to a monk or hermit who has determined to separate himself from culture? Does it mean that a hermit can not attain self-realisation?
And if we speak about mountain climbers, Olympic jumpers and various other risky sportspersons and ladies who place safety apart from finishing a difficulty.

It ends up then that the theory needs to be used with great treatment as well as with the understanding that it is an estimate, a biased view that does not have undeniable clinical proof which, similarly, is used with excellent outcomes.

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