Physiological Needs

Meaning of Physiological Demands

Can a person develop to their full possibility if their basic requirements are not fulfilled?
The answer lies within humanistic psychology, particularly, in an essay on human practices called A Theory of Human Inspiration.

When Abraham Maslow, the writer of the essay, advances the concept of human needs, he considers the most standard human demands, the physical ones.

Those that relate to human survival such as food, breathing, sexuality as well as homeostasis.
In Maslow’s Pyramid, the basic demands are the very first web link on the course to the development of the being.

As they lie at the base of Maslow’s Pyramid, they indicate that a being can not really feel self-fulfilled if his physical requirements can not be satisfied.
This is quite real because it is not feasible for a being to develop his full possibility if his survival is compromised.

With respect to sexuality, Maslow includes it as a fundamental need for the development of the self. If analysed from a clinical perspective, sex-related dysfunctions take place as a result of physical and/or mental causes.

As a result, a person’s failure to completely delight in sexual intercourse might be connected to various other areas of life, as well as sexual disorder might cause private or couple issues.

Case studies of Physiological demands

However, if there is a dissatisfied physical demand, such as food, the being can not establish integrally, as the priority is to please that need before taking into consideration various other higher desires.
For example, studies reveal that children with inadequate nourishment, a typical situation in establishing countries, have greater problems in developing cognitive abilities.

Likewise, an absence of necessary nutrients can affect brain advancement as well as, in the long term, create effects such as bad social skills advancement, mental illness as well as a substantial adverse impact on electric motor abilities.

Similarly, in the field of sporting activity, bad nourishment can prevent the professional athlete success of crucial goals. Therefore, if a professional athlete envisages self-fulfilment by being the best athlete in his or her branch of the sporting activity, she or he must please his or her standard dietary requirements.

A well-balanced diet regimen ensures the professional athlete a healthy bone and muscle mass framework, an ideal cardio system as well as, generally, a highly affordable physical and also mental performance.

As we can see, although we frequently do not provide enough significance to feeding ourselves, because it is something fundamental and we may currently have it covered, it impacts the remainder of the pyramid of requirements greater than we could think.

On the other hand, in the collective consciousness, it is assumed that not relaxing well affects the capacity for various tasks. And also holds true, according to a study conducted at Cambridge University, sleeping less than 6 hrs a day reduces work performance and also creates a state of mind swings, anxiety, laziness, trouble in problem-solving, sluggishness and lack of precision.

It is definitely among the fundamental demands that we are taking too lightly nowadays as a result of the rise in stress levels in individuals, and the usage of tools with blue light in the hrs before resting (mobiles, tablets, and so on). All this influences the top quality of our rest.

As a result, not resting unquestionably has consequences on the path to self-realisation. Consequently, people need to please their physiological requirements in order to establish their complete potential and also really feel fulfilled.

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