Social Needs

” Man is a social being naturally”, claimed the Greek philosopher Aristotle (384-322 B.C.). According to the theorist, people can establish qualities separately, but they require a society for their development and survival.

Similarly, in 1943, the humanist psychologist Abraham Maslow, in his concept understood today as Maslow’s Pyramid specified that humans need to please social needs in order to reach their full development.

This way, Maslow, complying with the reasoning of the old and also existing Western approach, explains that it is required for the being to develop high qualities in its specific measurement, but it needs to develop within society.

Also, Aristotle in his reasoning likewise clarifies that “… the unsocial naturally as well as not by chance is either severely human or more than human (…). Culture is by nature before the individual (…) he that can not stay in society, or requires nothing for his very own adequacy, is not a participant of society, yet a monster or a god.”

Having claimed that, the 3rd level of Maslow’s Pyramid represents the human demand to come from a team to a community, to have a family member or a companion.

Nonetheless, the truth of coming from a household does not assure the overall growth of the being, so the being looks to produce communities or teams.

Practical examples of Social Demand

As we have actually mentioned above, the being requirements to belong to as well as be acknowledged within a team or neighbourhood.

And also it is enough to analyse the different communities that humans develop, in which they seek to establish or discover meaning in their day-to-day lives.

To better show, spiritual areas are a sample in which individuals seek to discover a reason for our passage via the universe.

Likewise, in these communities, humans develop spirituality, an essential need to attain self-realisation.

One more case of a wonderful community is football, especially football fans. In this feverish and enthusiastic team, many people locate a method to satisfy their demand to belong, having a strong impact on us.

Typically, in the fans, individuals find a motivation to manage the different elements of their lives.
The team of good friends or coworkers in the office, subsequently, is a community that stimulates people’s affective top qualities and social abilities.

In addition, depending on the collective values of the group, the being can find in this area an effective growth in his/her vocation, spirituality or morality.

Consequently, the community that people look for to create make them feel that they are not the only ones, that they are secure, and as Aristotle stated, they are necessary for their survival.

Maslow likewise mentions that these social needs are before a set of greater requirements called recognition needs.

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